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Order Processing Time: Greeting card orders are shipped in 1-3 business days. Custom printed invitation orders are delivered in accordance with the timeline on each respective contract. The timelines are set based on the needs of the client and the requirements of the project, and are discussed with potential clients during the consultation meeting. Because of the artistic nature of the custom process, these timelines are not an exact science, though we strive to meet them without delays. If you have any concerns about meeting your deadline, please don’t hesitate to share them with the owner, Kim Vanderheiden (

Shipping and Pick Up: We ship via the US Postal Service for small greeting card orders, or UPS for larger card orders and invitation orders. Custom, Lucky Seven, and Prix Fixe orders are shipped insured and may require a signature depending on the carrier’s judgement. The customer pays for shipping. We do not charge a handling fee. Customers local to Oakland, California are also welcome to pick up their orders, provided the pickup is scheduled in advance. If you need something within a certain time limit, please let us know with your order, or you’re welcome to call or email us to check that we can accommodate your request. At this time, we do not ship internationally for small greeting card orders. We may be willing to make special arrangements for custom invitations, depending on the country and circumstances.

Special Requests: We enjoy putting in a little extra effort to do something special for our customers, including making sure the order goes out the same day, using a certain shipping service, addressing the package or envelope a certain way, etc. However, we are a small group of artists caring for a business together, even as we juggle families, art careers, and other part-time jobs. It is a good idea to call or email ahead to be certain we can act on it with whatever timeliness is required.

Contract Additions and Changes: The pricing provided on a Custom, Lucky Seven, or Prix Fixe contract remains fixed throughout the project. If you would like to change a portion of your contract while the work is in progress, simply contact your designer to tell us of the change you’d like, and if any cost change is associated with it, your designer will let you know. In the event of a price increase, the change will not be carried out unless and until you provide written approval for the additional cost.

Contract Quantities and Changes: It is common for a client to need a quantity adjustment before printing. Changing the quantities on your Custom, Lucky Seven, or Prix Fixe orders is very easy to do before, or as, you give your final approval for designs to go to press. Once the production process begins, however, the ease of changing it will depend on where we are in the process and how much the increase is. We will do what we can to accommodate and will advise you of additional costs, if any, the change may incur. You will need to provide approval of any additional cost in writing.

Note that we typically ship exactly the quantity requested. We also provide an automatic 10% overage on all envelopes that need to be addressed by a client or calligrapher. If your calligrapher requires more than that, please let us know. We will do what we can to accommodate.

Returns & Replacements: If the event should arise that your greeting card order arrives damaged, or past the time when you needed it, or is not what you anticipated, please contact us. We will replace or refund the portion of the order with the problem. In some instances we may request that the item(s) be returned to us.

If you are unhappy with a Custom, Lucky Seven, or Prix Fixe shipment, please notify us within 14 days. If the problem was due to our error, we will do whatever is in our power to correct it, including offering a refund, a credit against future orders, or replacing the product and shipping it to you by the fastest means possible. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors that may have been present when a client signs off on their proofs, however we still put great effort into assisting the client in resolving such issues in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.

Cancellation: If a cancellation of a Custom, Lucky Seven, or Prix Fixe contract should occur, the labor and materials used or purchased up to that point will be billed, and the remainder refunded. If a deposit was placed and cancellation takes place before work is begun, a full refund shall be provided.

The Nature of Letterpress: While every attempt possible is made to ensure close fidelity to a client’s chosen color samples, and it’s extremely important to our staff that you absolutely love the way your project turns out, it’s also important for all parties to understand that letterpress is an artistic process, the presses are antiques, and the ink colors are controlled by hand and the human eye throughout the printing process. There are often therefore slight variations throughout a project. We do work hard to keep these to a minimum but to some extent, it is the nature of the process. If you are very color sensitive, or have any concerns, please share them with us.

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