Painted Tongue Press has been selling cards in stores across the United States for over a decade, and is always looking for new and exciting places to feature our work. Our cards depict hand-illustrated flora and fauna, and some of our strongest repeat customers are booksellers, florists, and stationery stores.

If you are interested in learning more about our cards, have any questions, or would like to place an order, please email us at info@paintedtonguepress.com. Wholesale pricing, online catalogues, and samples are available upon request.

We have independent sales representatives in the following areas, if your area is not covered by one of these sales representatives, then you can contact us directly. If you would like the contact information for one of our representatives, please contact us directly and we will pass their information along to you, or if you have a Faire account, we invite you to order through Faire.

California – Bay Area:

Ginger McCleskey
Queen of Hearts

East Coast:

Pamela Davis
daisyd and friends

New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland
* Shows at New York Now in January and August.

Rocky Mountain Region:

Cj Godfrey
Cj Godfrey Sales Rep

Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Other Regions: