Come to the Painted Tongue Picnic!
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Come to the Painted Tongue Picnic!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join us August 7th for our picnic!

  • Sunday August 7, 2022 11 am – 3 pm
  • Lake Chabot Regional Park
  • 17936 Lake Chabot Rd, Castro Valley, CA
  • Turtle Picnic Area
  • Parking in lot $5, or on street for free
  • Accessible for wheel chairs, walkers, bikes, & strollers (parking lot recommended)
  • Children and pets welcome
  • Anthony Chabot Park info brochure here (See Marina entrance on Lake Chabot Rd.)

This is a time to gather and visit, to share work if you make something, to see work no matter who you are, and to plan for the future of the Painted Tongue Studio. We have made some progress in our efforts to cover our costs and keep our studio open, but we’re not in the clear. This event is both a time to connect, and to invite people’s support.

Greeting Cards

We will have a copy of each of our greeting cards on hand along with order forms. Guests are welcome to place orders for a special picnic discount of half the normal price.

Artwork Gifts

There will be a catalog on hand of original artwork by Kim Vanderheiden available, from 20 years of studio work, including glass on copper enamels, drawings, paintings, prints, and mixed media. These are available as a gift, to loving homes. Those interested can come to the studio at another time to see the work in person and take it home, or can cover the cost of shipping.

Pledges & Donations

Clear information about the studio’s financial position, needs, and goals will be available, along with pledge or donation forms for those who would like to help us stay open and move into a healthier position.

Community Membership

Over a decade ago, there was a community of students and supporters in contact with the studio. That diminished for a variety of reasons, including a growing family and the need to end the apprenticeship program. Kim is developing a plan to revive the studio community, realigning it around the exploration of creativity, spirituality, and justice. She is thinking about workshops and studio time, mentorships, meditations, spiritual writings, restorative justice circles, inclusivity, in-depth sharing of wisdom from different faith traditions, nonviolence, advocacy and activism, supporting people in need, addressing homelessness, working for racial justice, disarmament, caring for our common home, and promoting peace. Come and discuss how this might unfold. Share what your needs and hopes and experiences are in relation to this idea.

Gift Economy

Going forward, the studio will be offering artwork and community membership on a gift economy model, which means much of the artwork and benefits of community membership will be offered as a gift. (The greeting cards will not be part of the gift economy program.) The studio will be transparent about its needs and ask supporters to contribute in the ways that they can. If anyone would like to join in helping the studio apply for 501c3 designation, please let us know!


Patreon pledges can be an important part of stabilizing our operating expenses, and will be one way to join our newly forming community. We’ve recently revised our tiers. We hope you’ll visit and join in! Visit to look at the pledge options. People in all pledge levels will be included in the benefits being developed for the new community.


Lichen from branches in Lake Chabot Park was used as the model for the image at the top of this article.

The Turtle picnic area is in the lower right quadrant of this map, near the parking area.
Come to the Painted Tongue Picnic!