Black Eyed Susan
Birds Summer

Farewell to Summer So Soon?

It hardly seems possible that the kids are already back in school. The fall sports practices are in full swing, the homework has returned in the backpack, and the schools are gathering their parent volunteers for meetings and plans. To bid adieu to summer and welcome the golden September, the month of the black-eyed-susan, here is a bit of a poem for you. It’s by Helen Hunt Jackson, an excerpt from “A Calendar of Sonnets: September“:

In yellow, still lie fields where wheat was reaped;
And yellow still the corn sheaves, stacked among
The yellow gourds, which from the earth have wrung
Her utmost gold.

I like the back to school time. It’s full of the possibilities of the new year: what curiosities will be uncovered, what opportunities arrived? What friendships deepened, what problems sent to rest? Who will we be by this time next year?

Think, while thou sunnest thyself in Joy’s estate,
Mayhap thou canst not ripen without frost!