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Steam Rolling On

SFCB Steam Roller Event 2009
The Roadworks: Steamroller printing event was really fun. The weather was great, there were tons of people, lots of interesting looking prints, and live ( steamroller ) printing!
We’ve added more pictures from the event on our flickr account.  Check it out for more printing fun.


Here’s our table at the Vendor Fair.


Letterpresed note cards for sale.


Kim and Liz helping out at our table.

There was a lot to do and see at the event. The main attraction was the steamroll printing which was quite exciting. The process is the same as traditional linocut printing, but on a much larger scale. The only thing different is a big old steamroller replaces a printing press. It’s always exciting to watch someone print, but it was extra special to see a steamroller in action!

Placing down Batting

First, two people placed down padding/batting to protect the plate and make sure that print comes out evenly.


Step two: Roll!

Pulling the print

This is the moment of truth, as the print gets pulled.


And voila!  The print is pulled at it looks amazing.  It is really big!

LL Sign

Smaller prints were put together and printed steamroller style.

Little Linos

Our own Bettina Pauley had one of her prints printed.  It is the one in the bottom-center.  There were lots of different styles ideas from Bay Area artists.

LL Wall

More prints on display.