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Some Thoughts from Kim: Handwritten Notes

People are so funny about their handwriting! I’ve recently heard people say that their handwriting is too messy for addressing an envelope or writing out a note card, and I find it sad because focusing on handwriting so misses the point! The point is that it comes from you, and your hand is personal to you, not that the handwriting is neat. If you received a handwritten note from someone and the writing was hard to read, would you shrug and throw it away and think they were lame? I highly doubt it. More likely, you’d struggle through the parts that were hard to read (which are present with just about anyone’s handwriting) and cherish the knowledge that the person thought enough of you to take the time to write out a message.

And as far as addressing goes, a hand-addressed envelope says there’s a person and a life on the other end who is personally giving something to you. A machine-addressed envelope says this is a mass campaign that might as well be from robots. We don’t know who you are and you don’t know us and we like it that way. Sending a handwritten note isn’t about whether the message is neat, it’s about whether the relationship matters. 

So take pride that your handwriting is unique to you and comes from the heart. Go out and write some notes!

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