About Us

We are artists who use letterpress printing in our own work.

WhoAreYouKim Vanderheiden is the owner and creative director of Painted Tongue Press. Her visual art combines print, paint, and pencil, and makes use of her early training in illustration and 15 years of experience in letterpress printing and design. You can see more of her work at www.kimvanderheiden.com.

bettina-pauly-book-artsBettina Pauly is a printer at Painted Tongue Press and graduate of Academy of Arts University where she now teaches. She creates exemplary book arts works out of her own studio, frequently combining stamps, thread, letterpress, and intricate binding structures. You can see more of her work at bettina-pauly.com.

Idgi's-Box_fullMitsuko Baum is a book artist who has been working with Painted Tongue Studios for many years, wearing many hats including bookkeeper, production assistant, binder, card designer, and all around “glue”. Her own work is light and whimsical. You can see more by visiting mitsukobaum.com.

The painted tongue is a colorful Chilean flower of the nightshade family. This namesake reflects the marriage between image and written word that is characteristic of letterpress work.