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Make Way for Makeready

We are currently working on an exciting new project proposal to create public art using the makeready printed at our studio!

Makeready closeup


The makeready is a byproduct of the letterpress printing process. When we print our greeting cards, there is an involved press set-up process that requires printing on a piece of paper, making adjustments, printing a sheet again, adjusting again, and so forth. These setup sheets are called makeready. After setup, the printing process requires more makeready as fine control is maintained over the press run. We reuse these sheets, printing one design over the top of another, plate by plate, color by color. As we work, we see gorgeous compositions emerge.

We get very excited about them, and show them to each other. We have stacks that we think are too stunning to throw away. But how can we share it?

We want to take digital files of the makeready to create public art. As the makeready is greeting card-sized, the images could be enlarged for a variety of works, such as signage and large panels.

We had such a fun time selecting the pieces, perhaps we can find more uses for makeready in the future!


Makeready closeup


Stacks of makeready