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On This Dia de los Muertos

We join in mourning for those who have passed from us through contracting covid-19. 

We mourn for refugees who fled and never made it to safety. 

For those taken by war: the soldiers who have fought, and the populations who have starved or been killed by fighting. 

For those who did not survive addiction, and those killed by the actions of those who feed the addictions. 

For those who left us from an abyss of sadness, who looked but couldn’t find home even among people who tried to love them. 

For those who lived and died in a seemingly endless struggle, and shared love and laughter anyway. 

For those who left us far too soon, and for those who lived long and left us the beauty of their stories. 

For those who were sick in ways we don’t yet know how to heal, and those who were sick and never received the help that would heal them. 

For those who have loved their family tenderly. 

For those who have loved from the depths of their being. 

For those who dedicated their lives to others. 

Peace, rest, and light