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Things We Are Thankful For

Pheasants – because they are funny Plums – because they are delicious, so sweet, and so cold Squash – because a vegetable that can also be spaghetti is a good food Pumpkins – because they are toys for elephants Owls and Ravens – who invite us to share in mystery Fall leaves – for letting …

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Close-up of Persimmon Halloween card
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Home for the (Halloween) Holidays

Wishing everyone a spooky and safe Halloween this year! Whether you are dressing up for a Halloween Zoom call or watching a scary movie at home, we hope you have some good (socially distanced!) fun as October comes to a close. Also, just a quick reminder to please, please vote if you are able! Election …

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Spanish Moss with Bat closeup
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Halloween Greetings!

Halloween is upon us and we have some spooky (or maybe not so spooky) friends to celebrate the holiday with! If you should find yourself nodding, nearly napping, and hear a tapping, a gentle rapping, at your chamber door. . . .   Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and …

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