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Autumn & Winter Cards for 2014

Here are our new Fall/Winter cards for 2014.

Fig tree card with lamb, "Thinking of You"

Fig – Thinking of You

The gentle lamb rests peacefully sheltered beneath the low branches of a fig tree.


Corn Stalks with Racoon, "Abundant Thanks"

Corn – Abundant Thanks

Raccoons in the cornfield may not be a welcome sight to a farmer, but surely this little fellow is delighted with such autumn abundance!


Orange Tree with Swallowtail Butterfly, "Wishing You the Sweetest & Happiest of Birthdays"

Orange – The Sweetest and Happiest of Birthdays

Share the delicious fullness of anticipation for the next year ahead of you.


Plum Tree with Luna Moths, "Congratulations to an Enchanting Couple"

Plum – Congratulations to an Enchanting Couple

Bring cool silvery elegance to your favorite winter wedding couple.


Turnip with Groundhog, "Thank You"

Turnip – Thank You

Mr. Groundhog is so grateful, it shows on his face – and in his hands, and before his feet. Such an embarrassment of riches!


Pussy Willow with Swallow, "With Sympathy"

Pussy Willow – With Sympathy

The sparrow lifts gently away beyond the soft bloom of pussy willows.


Redwood Tree with Bear Cub, "Happy Birthday"

Redwood – Happy Birthday

The majestic redwood with a sweet-faced bear cub. Nothing sends birthday wishes quite like it!