Shasta Daisy Love card
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We Heart You!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart! Yes, it’s right around the corner, and if you don’t have your cards yet, it’s time to get them! Send love and friendship with a loppy bunny, a smoochy pair of lovebirds, a sweet fawn, and even an awesome lovable moose. We also have some cards that aren’t Valentine’s Day-specific that are …

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Poppy card printing
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Poppy Printing

Reprinting the Icelandic Poppy card on the Heidelberg windmill press – the card has three variations: birthday, Mother’s Day, and blank, and each requires a different plate for the black ink layer. The press has a mechanism to feed the paper into the press and can get really tight registration on the printed image.   …

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Spring Is on its Way!

I grew up in Wisconsin. I loved the fall leaves, and the balmy summer heat, the thunderstorms, humming cicadas and huge yards of flowers, grassy yards, huge oak and maple and walnut trees, and fields of clover and corn. But I …

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