Assortment of cards for Patreon supporters
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Cards for Patreon Supporters

Some news regarding our Patreon! Because of the pandemic and the reduced wholesale orders, we didn’t finish developing our fall/winter releases for 2020; these would normally have been printed in the spring of 2020. We’re still able to keep our shop open, but the time and materials investment for new designs isn’t possible quite yet.

However, many of our Patreon supporters are signed up to receive new releases containing 10 new cards, three times per year. To make up for the lack of new releases, we’re sending an assortment of top selling designs from 2019. Supporters also have the option to make their own selection of 10 cards instead.

Would you like to receive these cards, with handwritten notes and regular studio news? If you’d like to become a supporter in the coming week, we’ll make sure you receive shipment we’re working on right now. Check out our Patreon here!