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‘Tis the Month to Give Thanks

The spirit of Thanksgiving is upon us, and we have some thank you cards, filled with adorable animals and fabulous flora, perfect for the season! As the year draws to a close, a note of thanks can provide a warm message and brighten someone’s day. Find these cards and more at our Etsy shop.

We are also offering 10% off all items in our Etsy shop from November 19 to 26, as part of Etsy’s Cyber Week sale!

Artichoke Thank You card
Artichoke card


Pumpkin with Bear Thank You card
Pumpkin with Bear card


Redbud Thank You card
Redbud with Robin card


Firethorn Thank You card
Firethorn with Waxwings card


Tomato Thank You card
Tomato with Calf card


Corn Thank You card
Blue Corn with Raccoon card