Cards for teachers
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Cards for Teachers

When considering teacher gifts for the holidays Kim, the owner of Painted Tongue Press, likes to put together gift boxes of assorted cards. Cards make a wonderful gift for teachers and aides, principals, office staff, coaches and child care providers, as a thank-you to all the amazing people who work hard to educate and care for the kids.

The card sets being packed in the picture were destined for school staff. (We withheld this post until after everyone received them this week, so as not to reveal the contents!) They included many of our 2018-2019 new releases and featured a variety of plants and animals. These letterpress printed card assortments offer small, affordable art that is also pragmatic. They are likely to be used up in the course of the year, and new designs are coming out every few months, so even if there are some people who receive them every year, the designs are always different.


Sets of cards being made ready

Our teachers shape our lives at an early age, and the work they do is important not only for the individual child but also for the community. Thank you so much, from the heart!


Artichoke Thank You card